Fine Art Print - Digigraphy (Digital Print)

Digigraphy is a high quality printing technique developed by Epson. The modern equivalent to lithography, and allows artists to edit limited series of their works. The fine art print allows the production of digital prints and reproductions of canvases and drawings of very high quality.

To better meet the expectations of artists in the field of printed art, we have set up a professional digital pigment printing studio.

With a wide range of certified art papers and printing based on UltraChrome pigment inks, the prints produced at our printing workshop are guaranteed to meet the quality and time requirements of artists and collectors.

The finest settings

For the most demanding prints, we offer a chromium work directly to the workshop in the presence of the artist to ensure the settings best suited to your expectations.

Our equipment allows us prints of a width of 110 cm, without limit in length.

Certified papers

Working with the best suppliers of media for inkjet printing, we will advise you on the paper best suited to your project: matt or glossy papers, vellum paper, poster paper, blue back, etc. ..

We have a range of certified papers guaranteeing the holding of our prints for a period of 70 years

Combining techniques

Combinations between pigment prints and screen printing further enrich the range of possibilities for printed art. By mixing the precision of inkjet printing and the material of screen printing, the possibilities are endless.

Our equipment

  • EPSON Stylus PRO 9890 Plotter
  • UltraChrome pigment inks certified
  • EIZO ColorEdge display
  • X-Rite i1 PRO 2 calibration probe
  • POLAR 82 paper guillotine